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Mid States Hockey


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    Investing in our Community reaffirms our commitment to one another.

    Please honor our sponsors with your patronage.  THANK YOU!!!

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    • In-studio or on-location sessions
    • Portraits for seniors and families
    • Banners for seniors & teams

    For All Your Hockey Needs:

    • Team Apparel
    • Team Equipment
    • Skate Sharpening
    • Skate Repair
    • Equipment Sanitation
    • Kit Packages & Supplies

    Summit Equipment Consultant (October 2018 - Present)

    Bert Godin

    Bert Godin

    Owner - Operator

    Phone: (314) 378-3083

    Lunch & Dinner: 958 Brookwood Center (636) 326-2563

    Schedule a tune-up to ensure your HVAC system is properly ready for each season

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    Call Us 24/7/365 : (636) 225-5854

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    Call Mid-States Lawn Care today at 314-565-4054

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    Desire, Grit and Determination Required

    Summit Skills Instructor (September 2015 - Present)

    Tim Rumpf

    Tim Rumpf

    Owner - Head Instructor

    Phone: (314) 651-9336

    3E - Mentoring aspiring goalies to be Efficient, Effective, Effortless

    Summit Goaltender Instructor (June 2018 - Present)

    Luke Venker

    Luke Venker

    Owner - Head Instructor

    Phone: (314) 852-8412

    Located at 1111 Horan Drive in Fenton - Around the Corner from the Forum Rink

    Summit Strength & Conditioning Coordinator (Feb 2019-Present)

    Corey Lewis

    Corey Lewis


    Phone: (636) 675-2444

    Varsity Photo Courtesy of Connie Walker Photography

    B-Team Photo Courtesy of Connie Walker Photography

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